Private Classes 

Private 1-1 Virtual Classes:


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Private 1-1 Zentangle classes offer a personalized approach to learning, allowing you to tailor the class to your specific interests and skill level and schedule. With one-on-one instruction, you can receive individualized attention and guidance, making the learning process more efficient and effective, and helping you achieve your artistic goals. Private classes provide a safe & comfortable environment to explore your creativity & practice mindfulness, free from the distractions of a group setting, at a pace that suits your learning style.

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Group Classes


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Zentangle private group classes are designed to be flexible & customizable to fit the specific needs of your group, event, or organization. You choose from live classes via Zoom, which can be accessed on a smart TV for a larger viewing experience, as well as pre-recorded classes that made available for your convenience with a follow Zoom Q&A. This allows you to choose the format & delivery method that works best for you & your group, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable learning experience.


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Professional & Educational Training 

Train the Trainer: Art and Medicine


My Train the Trainer programs for Health Professionals provide a comprehensive curriculum designed to teach the fundamentals of Zentangle as a tool for promoting wellness and self-care. Led by an experienced creative arts curriculum designer, the program offers a deep understanding of the healing potential of art and how it can be integrated into healthcare settings to enhance patient outcomes. and improve the overall quality of care.


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Train the Teacher: Kids Love Zentangle


My Train the Teachers program offers a fun and engaging way for educators to introduce Zentangle to their students, with both one-off introductory classes and a series of lessons that teach the fundamentals of the practice. By providing teachers with the tools and resources to create Tangle Time in the classroom, we empower them to incorporate creativity and mindfulness into their curriculum, promoting student well-being and enhancing the learning experience.

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