Want to Relax, Focus and Create Beautiful Art?

Learn the Zentangle®  Mindfulness Drawing Method


WINTER 2022-2023  Zentangle Classes & Workshops

A Taste of Zentangle 

1 hr.Intro Workshop , your first step in learning the basics and getting off to a great start creating Zen Art.  Sat. August 27, 2022  on Zoom. Join waitlist. We'll notify you when registration opens.  

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Beginner's  Zentangle 101

4 week mini series gives you all you need to know to build a solid foundation in the Zentangle process.  Zoom and In Studio options. Next class starts August 3 (Zoom) 4(in Las Cruces studio)

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Are You a Doodler or like Coloring Books?

Or just looking for a new way to chill and enjoy?

Come and Learn the Zentangle® Method


Relax Your Mind, Improve Your Focus & Create Soulful Art 

The Zentangle Method emphasizes the ‘relaxed focus’ aspect of meditation, while tapping into the innate creative ability each one of us has. Come and explore the transformative method that has helped thousands.

"Life is an art form & each of us is an artist"

Whether you’re looking to relax, create more focus or increase your creativity, my Intro to  Zentangle Method  workshops & classes can bring joy, peace of mind, & fun into your life.

Hi, my name is Yehudit (Yahoo-deet),  an experienced Wellness, Spirituality & Art instructor in the field of 'art as meditation' drawing and a Certified Zentangle Instructor (CZT).

I'm here to help guide you step by step, into the wonderful world of Zentangle process. 

About Me



Hi there, my name is Yehudit (Yahoo - Deet) Steinberg. I have a long history teaching art & meditation, which is a great combination for the Zentangle process. 

I also design ebooks, multimedia online course content in the Arts, Culture & Spirituality genres. 

In addition to my M.Ed. degree, in 2021 achieved my certification as a Zentangle instructor (CZT). This gives me an understanding on how to guide and coach you as you learn, explore and practice the Zentangle Method and Artform.

Frequently Asked Questions

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 My Winter 2021 Collection

I take my pen and my paper, a few quiet moments, add a little bit of appreciation for the work that's about to come forth and I'm on my way to creating a new zentangle® inspired art tile.

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