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Personalized Services for Zentangle® Art & Culturally-inclusive Milestone Event Rituals & Ceremonies


Hi ....My name is Yehudit (pronounced Yah who Deet, accent on DEET) Steinberg.

Welcome to my little nook on the web where art, culture and creativity intersect. With experience in community arts education, ritual design, and event planning, I bring a wealth of expertise and a deep passion for the intersection of art, culture, and creativity in our daily lives.

Private Consulting, Group Classes, Workshops & Events

As you explore my personalized services in both art and ritual design, you'll discover how these transformative practices can enhance your life and create meaningful connections to your culture and spiritual beliefs.

Zentangle® Art

Whether you're a beginner looking to learn Zentangle or a teacher, therapist, or other professional seeking to unlock the meditative benefits of this art form in your personal or professional practice, Yehudit offers personalized services tailored to your needs. From private online classes for individuals to group training for professionals, Yehudit provides expert guidance to help you explore the meditative benefits of the Zentangle method.

What is Zentangle®?

Ritual Design Consulting

Tailored to your needs: Personalized ritual design services for milestone events that celebrate your unique cultural and spiritual background. With years of experience and a passion for creativity and mindfulness, Yehudit tailors each event to your needs, reflecting your cultural and spiritual beliefs. Create unforgettable moments with customized services for weddings, baby namings, and end-of-life celebrations

What is Ritual Design?

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