Y Steinberg Art + Design Studio 

was founded on the belief that each one of us is creative!

 Relax, Focus and Be Creative!


To build an inclusive community of artists and makers who want to explore artistic expression, creativity, promote mindfulness, and unite diverse cultures through shared artistic journeys.

Our Mission

In alignment with this vision, our mission is to inspire personal growth and mindfulness through three core avenues: creative expression, meditative art practices, and cross-cultural dialogue.

About Yehudit Steinberg M.Ed.

Hello and welcome! I’m Yehudit, an educator, artist, and guide through the enriching pathways of personal development and creative expression. With a deep-seated belief in the transformative power of art and meditation, I've dedicated my life to fostering an environment where individuals can embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth.


Holding a BA in Psychology/Sociology and an M.Ed. in Adult Learning, my academic background lays the foundation for a unique approach to teaching and learning that intertwines the wisdom of psychology, sociology, and Androgogy (adult learning principles) introduced by Malcolm Knowles Phd. (How Adults Learn) , who was my advisor during graduate school.

Professional Journey

My work, enriched by collaborations with spiritual leaders such as Rev. Dr. Mathew Fox and Rabbi Zalman Schachter Shalomi, has deepened my appreciation for diverse cultures, infusing my art  and cultural design teaching with cross-cultural insights. My 22 years of creating unique lifecycle rituals for 500+ intercultural families highlight my expertise in this field. 

Y Steinberg Art + Design Studio

At Y Steinberg Art + Design Studio, we aspire to make art and meditation accessible to all, particularly those who may not see themselves as artists. Through a vibrant community of makers, interactive workshops, digital content, and personalized consulting, we aim to inspire mindfulness, personal growth, and creative expression. Our studio is a haven for anyone looking to explore the therapeutic benefits of the Zentangle® method and other meditative art practices, offering a gentle, step-by-step introduction to the world of visual arts.

Interactive Educational Process

The revelation that many students have — "I never thought I could draw until I took a class with Yehudit" — is a testament to the transformative experience we offer. It's a journey that challenges preconceived limits and opens doors to new possibilities. As we navigate the complexities of life, let's embrace the journey of learning and creativity together, building a life filled with art, mindfulness, and the unending pursuit of our best selves, united in our similarities and empowered by our diversity.

Artist's Statement


I take my pen and my paper, a few quiet moments add a little bit of appreciation for the work that's about to come forth and I'm on my way to creating a new zentangle® inspired art tile.

The mystery of the creative process allows me to untangle limiting beliefs and call on my inner self, I call my soul muse, inner artist or architect... the co-creator of the present moment.

My art practice is a daily exploration of this inner world - one line at a time for me it's about this connection. My hope is to share the peace and joy I get from exploring all the different patterns, called tangles in new and interesting ways, as well as to bring some comfort and joy to the viewer.

My motivation to begin and continue is to create a visual representation of my inner thoughts in the present moment day by day... like an artist's journal

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