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day 3  Inktober Tangles 2022 ISEA-U

Inktober Tangles 2022 Day 3 with ISEA-U step out

inktober 2022 zentangle

Today is Day 3 of Inktober Tangles 2022 Challenge. The pattern/tangle is ISEA-U by Dory Peeters CZT. In this video you will learn how to draw the ISEAU Step Out one line at a time and we'll draw the pattern on the Mandala we're creating of all the 31 Inktober tangles. At the end of the 31 Days you will have a catalog of all Inktober pattern Step Outs so that you can recreate each pattern. I've created a Beginner's Guide along with daily emails giving you prompts and other information like supply links i use in the video when you join my Challenge.

Join the Challenge :

 When you join the challenge you get:

- 10 pg Beginner's Guide

- Daily EMail Prompts with links to supplies used in video

- Link to daily videos on this channel

- Invitation to live Zoom Show and Tell first week of November

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