Inktober Tangles 2022

Beginners Guide & Official List

NEW Tangle a day video with step outs for October

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Inktober Tangles 2022 Challenge 

New Tangle a day for 31 Days in October

with Yehudit Steinberg M.Ed. CZT,  an independent member of the CZT Zentangle Community

Join Yehudit Steinberg along with the Zentangle community to celebrate Inktober Tangles 2022 Challenge. Get your beginner's with links to what you need to get started.

Consistency is key to the success of any creative endeavor. Inktober Tangles Challenge is a perfect opportunity to give it a try with a community of other tanglers.

What is this challenge all about?

The annual Inktober Tangles Challenge is one of the variants of the popular Inktober Challenge, that was started in 2009 by the illustrator Jane Parker.

Zentangle Inktober Tangle Challenge

Since 2015, a fellow Certified Zentangle Teacher Stephanie Jennifer organized the Zentangle community with an official list of 31 tangles/pattern and their prompts.  The entire  Zentangle community uses this list to create their daily drawings during the month of October. 

It's a lot of fun to join these challenges because you are not alone. 

This offering is by an independent CZT (certified zentangle teacher) & separate from Zentangle,Inc.

Here's what you get in the Inktober Tangle 2022 Beginner's Guide:

  • Free 10 page booklet pdf downloadable guide with hyperlinks
    • Official Daily Tangle List 
    • Daily Email with link to Tangle Video of the day where Yehudit Steinberg M.Ed. CZT leads you step by step to create the pattern using Zentangle's easy peasy line by line drawing method.
    • Tangle Step-Out  Template to draw pattern step by step guide 
    • Beginner's recommended material list
    • List of Common  Zentangle words & definitions. (yes Zentangle has it's own language)
    • Link to Yehudit Steinberg Studio Youtube Channel, where the daily tangle videos are uploaded.
    • Link to schedule of Yehudit's Zen & Creativity classes

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