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What is Ritual Design?

Ritual design is intentionally creating and practicing a series of actions or behaviors with symbolic meaning for a specific purpose or intention, such as morning routines, daily gratitude practices, holiday traditions and milestone events like weddings, baby namings and end of life ceremonies. 

Ritual design has gained popularity as a means of enhancing well-being, creativity and fostering a sense of community, particularly in families with mixed religions and cultures. By intentionally creating and practicing rituals with shared meaning, families can build bridges across diverse backgrounds and strengthen their bonds. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide personalized support in designing a milestone experience that meets your unique needs, by infusing family traditions from both sides and incorporating personal touches to open the hearts of all who attend.

 Who we help

People typically seek Yehudit's expertise when they encounter obstacles in incorporating both backgrounds into their milestone events, while remaining true to their vision and ensuring that their families, friends, and guests feel welcomed and included. 

Yehudit creates custom rituals and ceremonies that are warm, welcoming and inclusive for individuals, couples, and families with at least one Jewish member, incorporating both traditions and personal touches to create lifelong memories. By offering inspiration, education, and inclusive opportunities, Yehudit strives to foster understanding and appreciation of other cultures, while enriching our own.

She believes that by learning about each other's traditions and viewpoints, we can build bridges of understanding, resulting in a more peaceful society that values and respects our differences. 

Do you need help crafting a ritual and or ceremony that seamlessly enhances your milestone event?

Ritual Design Consulting

Watch this 2 min video to see samples of our weddings. 

 How Yehudit Helped Me!

"I highly recommend working with Yehudit Steinberg. If you are planning a Jewish or Jewish interfaith wedding look no further. Yehudit is incredibly knowledgeable. She makes the process easy and clear. She helped me decide what rituals I wanted to include in my interfaith wedding and explained them in detail. She also supported me in choosing parts of the wedding that she thought would be important for my soon to be in-laws that are Jewish. Our ceremony was very special, sacred and beautiful. I could not have put it together  without her support. If you want a meaningful ceremony with a proper plan don’t miss an opportunity to work with Yehudit. " Rachael Popky 

Ritual Design Consulting

Modern Jewish 

Flexibility & innovation in planning Jewish rituals. Short explanations included for a meaningful ceremony.

Jewish Mexican 

Creative ways to combine different cultures, religions and traditions for Mexican and American families. 

Jewish Indian 

Experience working with a variety of customs, traditions and cultures depending on different factors. 

Jewish Chinese 

Working in the San Francisco area gave us many opportunities to work with Chinese & other Asian couples

Jewish Native American 

Incorporating earth-based indigenous Jewish rituals, with Native American traditional wedding customs.

Jewish Christian Ceremony

Very popular interfaith wedding request, different styles to consider when planning.

Jewish Co-Officiated 

Having 2 clergy co-leading the ceremony requires careful choice of officiants & planning. It's a specialty we've planned many times.

Destination Wedding

Custom bespoke intimate destination wedding experience when you want to share with just your closest family & friends.

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You want to make the right choices but you just don't know how... planning a wedding event is like no other, especially when you are combining two different backgrounds. 

There are no do-overs, your event is a once in a lifetime experience and you would like the advice of someone who's walked this path before..

  • Maybe you are just plain stuck and don't know where to start. 
  • Are you looking for a roadmap to guide you through the process?
  • Or maybe you hit a roadblock combining the two traditions when planning your ceremony. 
  • How do you include both traditions seamlessly
  • Find the best officiant for your ceremony or deal with parents trying to overly influence your decisions...


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