Who we help

The Jewish Interfaith Wedding Network is an online educational project supporting individuals, couples, and families from different backgrounds, where at least one member is Jewish.

We serve to inspire, motivate and educate couples with different opportunities available to them to create a unique personalized ceremony and celebration, that is warm, welcoming and inclusive.

It is through the understanding of other cultures that we also learn about our own.

Building bridges

Our goal is to build a global online community where we acknowledge our similarities and CELEBRATE our diversity. It is our belief that we build bridges of understanding by learning about each other's traditions and viewpoints. The result is a more peaceful society with greater respect, acceptance, and understanding for our differences.

Our mission is to help you design a wedding experience tailored to your needs, infusing family traditions from both sides.

Couples generally come to us when they are stuck and want expert advice on how to incorporate both backgrounds into a wedding that stays true to their vision as a couple and at the same time, making sure families, friends and guests feel welcome and included.

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Find Cool Ways to Blend Cultures and Religions

If your love story involves different cultures, religions, and/or traditions, Yehudit Steinberg can help you blend it together so that you and your guests feel comfortable and accepted.

Whether it's planning your different cultures with entertainment and food choices for your reception or performing a special ceremony during your reception or combining two religions or cultures during your ceremony, Yehudit can help you come up with creative ways to honor your beliefs at your wedding.

Weddings are about celebrating you and your partner's love, so it's important to include the things that are important to you. Yehudit once worked with a couple who struggled with what to do about their ceremony. She was Catholic and wanted a church wedding; he was Jewish and his family wanted a rabbi to officiate the ceremony under the chuppah. To compromise, Yehudit proposed they find a rabbi willing to co-officiate with a Catholic priest in the church. Groom wanted to be married under a chuppah. To compromise they found a church with a priest and a rabbi to officiate. As for the chuppah, Yehudit suggested a portable chuppah that could be brought up to the altar at the time the rabbi was offering the Jewish portion of the ceremony.

"I think it was a really great way for them to start their marriage because he was expressing himself and she was expressing herself."

Create a bespoke wedding experience, it'll be easy

Decide what you want and don't want. Stay focused and relaxed while doing it.

Has this been your experience so far?

"I really would have appreciated knowing someone like you at the beginning of my wedding planning journey."

Since 2003, we've continued to successfully help brides, grooms, and families marry heritage, traditions, customs, and rituals into their wedding design experience. 

You want to make the right choices but you just don't know how... planning a wedding event is like no other, especially when you are combining two different backgrounds. 

There are no do-overs, your event is a once in a lifetime experience and you would like the advice of someone who's walked this path before..

  • Maybe you are just plain stuck and don't know where to start. 
  • Are you looking for a roadmap to guide you through the process?
  • Or maybe you hit a roadblock combining the two traditions when planning your ceremony. 
  • How do you include both traditions seamlessly
  • Find the best officiant for your ceremony or deal with parents trying to overly influence your decisions...

Here's How We Can Help

Below are just a few of the different types of weddings we've helped integrate personal touches with cultures, traditions and religions. 

Get in touch with Yehudit with your questions. Schedule a 1 hr brainstorming session to get you moving forward. 


How Yehudit Helped Me!

"I highly recommend working with Yehudit Steinberg. If you are planning a Jewish or Jewish interfaith wedding look no further. Yehudit is incredibly knowledgeable. She makes the process easy and clear. She helped me decide what rituals I wanted to include in my interfaith wedding and explained them in detail. She also supported me in choosing parts of the wedding that she thought would be important for my soon to be in-laws that are Jewish. Our ceremony was very special, sacred and beautiful. I could not have put it together  without her support. If you want a meaningful ceremony with a proper plan don’t miss an opportunity to work with Yehudit. " Rachael Popky 

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Modern Jewish 

Flexibility & innovation in planning Jewish rituals. Short explanations included for a meaningful ceremony.

Jewish Mexican 

Creative ways to combine different cultures, religions and traditions for Mexican and American families. 

Jewish Indian 

Experience working with a variety of customs, traditions and cultures depending on different factors. 

Jewish Chinese 

Working in the San Francisco area gave us many opportunities to work with Chinese & other Asian couples

Jewish Native American 

Incorporating earth-based indigenous Jewish rituals, with Native American traditional wedding customs.

Jewish Christian Ceremony

Very popular interfaith wedding request, different styles to consider when planning.

Jewish Co-Officiated 

Having 2 clergy co-leading the ceremony requires careful choice of officiants & planning. It's a specialty we've planned many times.

Destination Wedding

Custom bespoke intimate destination wedding experience when you want to share with just your closest family & friends.

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