Acknowledge Similarities, Celebrate Our Diversity

Welcome to my new virtual home!

Back in 2003, it was very difficult to find anyone to help you create interfaith or mix culture lifecycle events, especially if one one of the families was Jewish. Coming from an interfaith and not religious Jewish family, I understood and felt the pain and frustration.

With a background in world religions, ritual design, different cultures and customs,  I began developing custom events that weave together cultural heritage and family traditions in meaningful and respectful ways. 

Now in 2020, with the onset of COVID we find ourselves with a new dilemma. How do we connect with our friends and families when social distancing is the new normal. Virtual events have become a new normal and with the past five years my livestream and Zoom workshop instruction brought the two different skills together to help relieve not only the stress of bringing two divergent families together, but also bringing ritual design and live Zoom production into one go to service.


A Little Bit More About Me..

After spending the past 20 years specializing in creating custom rituals and ceremonies for Jewish, Interfaith, and MIxed Culture individuals, couples and families, in San Francisco and the Napa Sonoma Wine Region, my  husband, Rabbi Gershon & I moved to beautiful Southern New Mexico in 2018 to get away from the hustle bustle of city life. 

Now every morning during my art as meditation practice, I get to look out over these gorgeous Organ Mountains. I'm so grateful to have this in my life.

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