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Our step by step method of teaching mindful drawing is inclusive for everyone who wants to learn a creative practice. Our workshops are your door in to a relaxing and funfilled journey. All Workshops andĀ Events Are Live & Recorded on Zoom. A replay is provided.

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Hello, Iā€™m Yehudit Steinberg (yahoo-deet), an educator and artist with a Masterā€™s in Lifelong Learning and Community Education, and a certified ZentangleĀ® teacher (CZT). I believe we are all creative, and my step-by-step, inclusive method makes it easy for anyone to learn.

Join our growing, supportive community where we offer content for beginners and beyond, live Q&A sessions, and inspiration from others with similar interests.

Unlock your potential, discover new passions, and celebrate the beauty of our creative spirits together!

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My Fav Art Supplies

Do you want to know the pens, paper and graphite to get started!

Yehudit has curated a growing collection of favorite art supplies and materials! Here, you'll find my top recommendations for enhancing your artistic journey, especially in ZentangleĀ® and mindful art practices. From essential tools to inspiring books, each item is carefully selected to support your creativity. Dive in and discover everything you need to express your creativity and find your zen in art!

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What is Zentangle?

WhatĀ Our Students Are Saying

Barbara Langston CZT

As Yehudit's mentor, I've seen her love for the ZentangleĀ® method shine through her work. She helps beginners master the basics with dedication. For Inktober 2022 and 2023, she created step-outs and sample tiles for 31 patterns on her YouTube channel, demonstrating each beautifully and culminating in an 8" mandala. Her effort and passion are truly admirable.

Ā Mary Canavan

Yehudit's Beginners ZentangleĀ® 101Ā course was just what I needed to establish a true Zentangle Practice. I'd been tangling for about 6 months but Yehudit helped me to see the importance of following the 8 steps each time I sat down to tangle. She was genuinely interested in meeting me where I was creativelyĀ & understanding what I wanted from her classes. She provided extra help when I was struggling.Ā 

Ā Wendy Stein

Yehuditā€™s Zentangle Beginner's Bootcamp course was top-notch. She is both an artist and an educator with the ability to break down complex concepts into simple, easy-to-follow steps. She encouraged us, gave us realistic expectations, and even provided extra guidance for us to grow into. I walked away with tangible skills that I can replicate, as well as some beautiful pieces. She fielded questions like a champ. Plus, her class was a lot of fun.

Ā Nancy Hastings

Congratulations, Yehudit, on your wonderfulĀ Beginner's course and video series on YouTube! Your welcoming remarks, perfect colors, and excellent visuals make the experience truly enjoyable. The font style and size work well on my screen, and your voice-led approach with clear, patient demonstrations is both professional and nicely paced. Overall, the videos are very well-produced and a joy to follow.

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