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We are still working behind the scenes planning weddings and events for our clients.

In January, we're launching our new Jewish Interfaith Wedding Network library with a course to help you plan your custom wedding.  with a support option, , should you want my assistance during the planning process.

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Mitch Goodman

Tour Manager (music)

With the help of Yehudit Steinberg our wedding turned out fabulous! Yehudit was most helpful in every way. She met with us to plan the wedding and helped us to understand the dynamics of the service and the meaning of the rituals. Together with Yehudit we created a very unique and beautiful inter-faith ceremony that included all of our children, a sand ceremony and more. Yehudit helped us incorporate all of our original ideas into the service and we could not be more satisfied with her attention to detail, knowledge, experience and professionalism. We highly recommend Yehudit and are more than happy to answer questions regarding her services.

Jaya Savannah

Holistic Business Coach

I'm not one to be interested in one-size-fits-all traditions--I wanted to create my own. Yehudit quickly grasped the spiritual meaning and emotional tone I was wanting to create for our guests, then much to my delight ADDED some wonderful suggestions to make them better. She also wowed me with her detail-oriented ability to execute and produce those idea. Everything was perfect. I highly recommend her!

Jennifer Nicholson

VP Regulatory Affairs at Kronos Bio, Inc.

Yehudit is a passionate, detailed, creative woman with an extensive knowledge of planning top notch, meaningful and spiritual weddings. She created an absolutely beautiful, authentic interfaith wedding that left my family and guests in joyful awe. Yehudit worked very closely with me and my (then) fiance to carefully listen to our needs, and she was sensitive to both of our unique cultures (Chinese/Christian and Jewish). The wedding came together because of her behind-the-scenes magic. Her recommendations for the cake, ceremony and reception layout, Chinese lion dancers, helped to make the wedding simply gorgeous. She made sure that all of the vendors were "on-board" (not an easy task!). My wedding was a flawless, celebratory, joyful day that perfectly captured the family traditions and intercultural rituals of our unique backgrounds. Family and guests cannot stop talking about our wonderful wedding! 

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