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Beginner's Guide to Zentangle® Drawing  

Relax Your Mind, Improve your Focus & Easily Create Soulful Art

The Beginners Guide to Zentangle

An introduction to Zentangles (a four class series) into the meditative art practice to gain a deeper understanding with our inner artist and allow the process to connect our inner and outer worlds. The artform can be a conduit for communicating with your inner muse. Create beautiful drawings with learning a few patterns, the Zentangle 8 step process and a little practice. This series gives you all the tools you need to start making abstract drawings.

Weekly Topics will include:

  • Week 1: Introduction to Zentangle
  • Week 2: Organic vs. Geometric Patterns
  • Week 3: Patterns and String Theory
  • Week 4: Creating Zendalas (think Mandala with a twist
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About Your Instructor

Yehudit Steinberg M.Ed. CZT



Hi there, my name is Yehudit (Yahoo - Deet) Steinberg. I have a long history teaching art & meditation, which is a great combination for the Zentangle process. 

I also design ebooks, multimedia online course content in the Arts, Culture & Spirituality genres. 

In addition to my M.Ed. degree, in 2021 achieved my certification as a Zentangle instructor (CZT). This gives me an understanding on how to guide and coach you as you learn, explore and practice the Zentangle Method and Artform.

Week 1:  Introduction to Zentangle Method

This class will provide a beginner with a background in the history of Zentangle, introduce them to the basics steps of the method and expose them to associated vocabulary and tools used. You’ll  be immersed in creating actual Zentangle tiles and will leave with a clear understanding that  “Anything is possible one stroke at a time”. 

Week 2:  Organic vs. Geometric Patterns

After looking at examples of organic and geometric shapes and patterns, you’ll learn 4 new easy tangles (patterns), two organic in nature and the others geometric.

Week 3: Patterns and String Theory

Tangles (patterns) and a String are the essence of the zentangle method. This class we focus on different ways to create strings and how we integrate patterns in your drawing to make unique designs every time. This is when the fun really starts and your creative juices begin to flow. You’ll learn how to make many different drawings with just a few different patterns and strings. 

Week 4: Introduction to Zendala

The geometric flow and circular structure of mandalas seemed to invite the use of the Zentangle Method.  It’s so natural that the two meet to create a beautiful hybrid. In this class, we’ll work with a round tile and create a design incorporating the patterns you’ve learned, plus a few new ones that will just make your design pop with some drama.

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