Depth Through Shading

Gain confidence in shading and bring your Zentangle® art to life with easy-to-learn, step by step Zentangle® basic shading techniques.


Students learn hands on basic Zentangle® shading techniques and apply these techniques to create three-dimensional looking artwork.

This two-part workshop series is expertly designed to enhance your Zentangle art with sophisticated shading techniques. In the first session, you'll gain a solid foundation in fundamental Zentangle shading, learning how to skillfully use graphite and blending tools to add texture and depth to your creations. The second session builds on these basics, introducing light-source shading to help you create realistic three-dimensional shapes. Through detailed instruction and hands-on practice, you'll develop the skills to bring dynamic depth and dimension to your Zentangle artwork, making each piece stand out with its unique visual impact. Pre-requisite - Intro to Mindful Drawing using Zentangle 8 step method

Date and Time

Dates: Aug 3 & 10, 2024
Time: 10:30-1:30p MDT/9:30-12:30 PDT/ 1:30-4:30p EDT
Location: Online via live Zoom/replay recording provided
Fee: $59 /$49 for Facebook Group Members w coupon code. 
Coupon available when you  Join FB Group and answer all 3 questions.

What You'll Learn!

  1. Understand the purpose and benefits of shading in Zentangle art.
  2. Gain confidence in making artistic decisions about where and how much to shade within a Zentangle tile.
  3. Identify basic shading tools and materials, including pencils of different hardness grades and blending tools like blending stumps and tortillions. Recommendations for best brands.
  4. Learn and practice fundamental shading techniques such as gradual value changes, contrast and creating depth.
  5. Apply shading to enhance specific Zentangle patterns, understanding where to place shadow for dimensional effects.
  6. Practice using blending tools like tortillions to create smooth gradations and soft shading effects.
  7. Learn to use shading to create focal points and guide the viewer's eye around your tile.

Workshop Details

Two sessions, each 3 hours long

- Supply list of recommended shading tools
- Learn and practice shading techniques
- 2 finished shaded 3.5" tiles, replay recording for reference
- Workshop recordings hosted on Youtube with an unlisted link
- Resources to further study shading techniques including: curated online videos, book recommendations

Session Highlights

Part 1 (Aug 3) 
Learn fundamental Zentangle® shading techniques, get familiar with essential shading tools, and engage in hands-on practice to create your first beautifully shaded Zentangle.

Part 2 (Aug 10) 
Delve into basic light-source shading
Practice drawing essential 3D shapes
Integrate these techniques on a Zentangle tile for a comprehensive artistic application. 

Who Should Attend

Calling all Zentangle enthusiasts, from eager beginners to skilled intermediates who want to improve their shading techniques!  Whether you're new to Zentangle or have already embarked on your artistic journey, this class is the perfect opportunity to expand your repertoire.  Our experienced instructor, Yehudit Steinberg M.Ed. CZT, will guide you every step of the way, ensuring an enriching experience for both beginners and intermediate students seeking to bring their artistry to life with shading. If you’re ready to deepen your shading skills and add dimension to your art, this shading workshop is perfect for you. 
This workshop is designed for beginners who have completed an introductory Zentangle workshop and are familiar with basic Zentangle® tangle patterns.


- Live Zoom sessions with guided step by step instruction, live demonstrations, and draw-along activities
- Recordings available via a private YouTube link

Materials Needed

(2) 3.5" Zentangle original square tile, sketchbook, art paper.
1.0 Sakura Micron black, Fineliner in different sizes (optional)
Micron PN black for thicker lines
2B graphite pencil
4B (optional)
Tortillion or Blending Stump

Your Instructor
Hello, I’m Yehudit Steinberg (yahoo-deet), an educator and artist with a Master’s of Education in Lifelong Learning and Community Education, and a certified Zentangle® teacher (CZT). I believe we are all creative, and my step-by-step, inclusive method makes it easy for anyone to learn.Unlock your potential, discover new passions, and celebrate the beauty of our creative spirits together!


Fee $59 for 2 sessions /$49 w coupon
Special Offering FB Group Members. Coupon available when you  Join FB Group and answer all 3 questions.

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Cancellation Policy: 
We do not offer refunds for this workshop. However, if you are unable to attend, we are happy to provide you with a credit to join another upcoming workshop in 2024. Please contact us at [[email protected]] or to arrange this. Thank you for your understanding and support.

$59.00 USD

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